Black Mountain Solutions offer fully comprehensive mining security services, including;

  • Mining Security Services
  • Mining Security Guards
  • Mining Security Consultancy
  • Mining Risk Management
  • Mining Security Planning

The extraction of mineral resources requires vast investment by mining companies and often necessitates years of negotiation with local government prior to becoming operational.

At each stage of the process organisations face an ever changing risk profile, from exploration, through negotiation to implementation, the ultimate extraction refinement and export processes.


Black Mountain Solutions is acutely aware of the dangers and risks associated with the mining industry, offering a comprehensive range of risk assessment and threat mitigation services.


From the threats posed by political unrest and insurrection to environmental protest and terrorism, it is well versed in all of the factors that must be considered when establishing a mining operation.

Black Mountain offers project assessment services which will highlight all potential security threats, provide comprehensive site security planning and procedural safety advice; as well as solutions for specifically identified threats.