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ELN Armed Strike Colombia

ELN Armed Strike Colombia

The weekend of 14th February 2020 saw the Colombia’s left-wing armed group; National Liberation Army (acronym in English) enforce transportation shut down in various regions of the country. The rebel group that has existed for over 50 years now imposed the 72-hour strike in ELN controlled areas causing civilian authorities to collapse in which according to various media sources even the military in some parts of the country obeyed and avoided the streets.

Information suggests that throughout the country during the three-day offensive, several hostile activities took place which has included the death of one soldier, five policemen and one civilian injured. Several routes were also blocked such as the highway between Bucaramanga and the Colombian coast and routes between Catatumbo and Cucuta. Trucks and buses were reportedly set ablaze in guerrilla territory throughout the country.

Subsequently, the EPL; Popular Liberation Army (acronym in English), an ELN rival, continued a strike of its own in the North West Catatumbo region in which there are reports that a van exploded killing seven civilians. Sources are still yet to verify the cause or intent of the explosion however information online suggests that the explosion may have been a device en route to a military site however a Colombian Army commander has since denounced the theory.

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