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The Current State of Venezuela

The thought of Venezuela being a safe and secure, law-abiding country is a distant dream these days. There is what seems to be a never-ending list of problems that are doing well to ensure years upon years of civil and governmental unrest in the country. If you are doing business in the country, there has never been more need for security services in Venezuela than there is now.

The citizenry of the country is resistant to the current regime’s decision to remove the National Assembly and there have been numerous demonstrations to show the public’s distrust in their government- and there does not seem to be an easy answer to the situation.

Due to the ongoing economic crisis, every one of the countries systems has begun to collapse. Schools and hospitals have been forced to shut down. On top of that, everything that people need to survive, including medicine and food, has become so expensive that many ordinary people cannot buy it. That leaves them hunting the streets for leftovers and buying medicines and other medical supplies on the black market.

What does all this mean for the local crime lords? Put simply, they have an open playing field with little to no resistance. Drugs and other illicit activities are at an all-time high, and Caracas now carries the title of having the highest murder rate in the world. If things continue to go as they are at the moment, obtaining professional security services in Venezuela is going to be standard practice.

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DAVOS,24JAN03 - Alejandro Toledo, President of Peru,  speaks during the session 'The Challenge for Latin America'  at the 'Annual Meeting 2003' of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, January 24, 2003. 
copyright by World Economic Forum by Daniel Ammann

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