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Security Services Ecuador News – Ecuador opposition presidential candidate Guillermo Lasso attacked

A football game attended by Ecuador’s opposition presidential candidate Guillermo Lasso in Quito was disrupted and as Lasso left the stadium together with his family, they were attacked by a mob. According to reports, the mob was armed with sticks, stones, bottles and knives.

The leftist mob, described in some quarters as paid agitators, greeted the presidential candidate and his family with jeers and in the ensuing melee, some of the police officers assigned to the family were injured as they attempted to usher them from the Atahualpa Olympic Stadium.

Later on, Lasso shared a video on his Twitter account. In the video, violent crowds can be seen pelting the Lasso family and the police officers. They can also be heard shouting epithets at them. The video is accompanied by a narration by Lasso’s son.

Lasso’s son has accused the government of paying people to attack the opposition leader’s family. The Lasso family took video footage in the stadium. In the video, when the crowd begins chanting “Lasso Presidente!”, the stadium begins to play music to drown out the pro-Lasso chants.

Socialist candidate Lenin Moreno, who is backed by current president Rafael Correa, wrote on Twitter to condemn the incident. In his tweet, he rejected the violent incident seen at Atahualpa. But Lasso dismissed the statement and accused Moreno of instigating violence with his “dirty campaign”.

In the first round of the election held in February, Moreno won, but he could not garner 50 percent of the votes to avoid a run-off. The second round of the Ecuador election will be held on 2nd April. The president has threatened to declare the vote invalid if Ecuadorians don’t choose Moreno.

In the latest presidential opinion polls conducted last month, Moreno seems to be leading Lasso with 52.4 percent compared to Lasso’s 47.6 percent. There are many scenarios that can occur on 2nd April as 16 percent of voters say they are still undecided.

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