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Fresh Allegations Move Maduro Closer To Criminal Charges

The former attorney general of Venezuela claims she has provided proof to prosecutors in the US which is evidentiary support that President Nicolás Maduro was involved in criminal undertakings. This evidence against President Maduro is now potentially leaving him in a situation in which he is facing criminal charges and his administration is defenseless to protect itself.


Luisa Ortega spoke out in Costa Rica at a recent press conference in which she accuses President Maduro of redirecting a substantial about of national treasury money to an alternate location. The amount of the embezzled funds was estimated from eight to ten million dollars. As a result of Ortega’s investigation into these suspicions against Maduro’s government, her employment was quickly terminated.


Luisa criticized the party for what she claimed was a “multimillion-dollar corruption scheme”, which involved high ranking officers in the government administration, as well as two previous VP’s and Maduro himself. Ortega also disclosed that Maduro’s government had hatched a plot to assassinate her as a means of keeping her quiet and unable to continue to investigate the government’s fraudulent schemes.


Ortega further divulged information that established how Maduro was using the food crisis in Venezuela to further enhance his personal bottom line, by being linked to a company in Mexico that provides food as part of the state wide food circulation program.


Maduro’s government is left vulnerable and unable to protect itself against mounting charges, and even Maduro’s wife’s side of the family have now been linked to drug trafficking related murders that occurred in 2016.


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