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Honduran Gang Extortion Causing Major Financial Losses For Business Owners


When looking at issues facing Hondurans, there is a rise of extortion causing store closures in the thousands, and leaving people feeling generally unsafe to stay in the area. These issues are causing drastic problems for the Honduran economy and businesses in the area. The estimated numbers indicate that an excess of 1500 corner stores have shut their doors over the period of the two years for reasons of extortion.


Half of the owners of these stores were said to have shut down due to going bankrupt, business being slow, or having relocated. It is estimated that Honduran gangs extort up to $25 or more each month from store owners, causing them significant losses. Some owners are being threatened to pay higher amounts in the thousands, and have no choice but to flee or face poverty.


This extortion crisis on businesses and the Honduran economy is devastating, and is considered a country-wide emergency which has a crippling effect on many people’s livelihoods. In times like these, Security Services Honduras can help provide you the safety you need. The Honduras media states that extortion is a large means of maintaining the wealth for these street gangs which include Barrio 18 and MS13. It was also recorded that these gang’s extortion activities have also affected prominent businesses in the transportation industry within the country, and caused millions of dollars in losses. The country is actively working on initiatives to combat this extortion crisis and restore social order and economic progress, however, the problem is still far from a solution.


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