Black Mountain Solutions offers a number of training programs to address the needs of individuals and businesses across a wide range of environments and territories.



The Hostile Environment Awareness Training course, also known as HEAT, demonstrates and prepares participants for the dangers that can be faced within hostile environments.

The course also demonstrates effective measures to reduce the likelihood of falling victim to such dangers, as well as reinforcing safety and security procedures to address specific threats.

The training course encompasses:

  • Personal Security & Security Awareness
  • Travel Planning & Journey Management Principles
  • Medical Training
  • Conflict Management
  • Critical Incident Handling in high-risk areas
  • Cultural Awareness & Gender Specific Considerations (tailored)
  • Information Security


Security Training Services



Black Mountain’s experience in providing tailored solutions for individuals operating in unfamiliar environments has led it to develop the Security Awareness Training Program which it offers to corporate and individual clients.

Training covers:

  • Driving in the local area
  • Dos and don’ts associated with your destination
  • Information security
  • Travelling by foot
  • Residential security
  • What to do in an emergency
  • Emergency contact information



Driving in unfamiliar territories is often classified as an activity with a high risk profile. The defensive driving course teaches participants a number of risk avoidance techniques which will allow them to mitigate risk and take appropriate action if faced with a threat.

The course covers the following:

  • Daily vehicle checks
  • Tyre changing.
  • Mobile security awareness
  • Practical defensive driving
  • Journey planning
  • Reaction to incidents or attack

Journey Management