As a response to the social unrest in Chile during the months of October, November and December 2019 Black Mountain Solutions was tasked by one of its European clients to support its Crisis Management and Evacuation Plan.

A contingency plan was put in to place which would trigger an evacuation of staff and their families to a pre-approved location outside of Chile if the situation had deteriorated or an immediate threat was identified. In total, a movement plan for 18 families was established, tested and initiated on a standby basis.

As additional support Black Mountain Solutions Operational Management based in Santiago provided the client with timely updates on the then current situation and tested the movement plan on a regular basis. Pre-operational support and dynamic risk assessment planning was also provided in which identified alternative routes, safehavens, and logistical support for booking of accommodation as refuge locations.

BMS vehicles, drivers and Close Protection Officers on standby in Santiago



Services Provided:

  • Journey Management
  • Evacuation Planning & Support
  • Executive Protection
  • Crisis Management
  • Situation updates