Black Mountain’s expertise extends to providing comprehensive Executive Protection services for individuals ranging from Diplomats to VIPs and corporate leaders. Our skilled team ensures seamless integration with clients, offering discreet and diligent protection in any environment.

With criminal elements constantly evolving, the spectrum of emerging threats faced by executives and business travellers for multinational corporations is ever increasing leading to a greater requirement for increased security. Our focus remains on delivering proactive and tailored executive protection solutions to mitigate risks effectively.

Experience on the ground

Black Mountain’s expertise in the provision of protection for individuals stems from its founder’s extensive experience on projects in the Middle East, South Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Some projects have involved safeguarding Embassy and Diplomatic staff in high-risk locations like Iraq & Afghanistan, as well as providing executive protection for Corporate Business travelers in Latin America.

Through working with the local teams on Secure Transportation tasks in country, Black Mountain’s founders have passed on its experience in executive protection to the agents on the ground ensuring standards meet clients’ expectations. Black Mountain diligently selects its Agents for the task with a vetting procedure in place. For Black Mountain, experience is key with agents with prior service in the local host country military or Police being key to ensure the security team has a comprehensive understanding in the region’s security environment.

To date, Black Mountain has Executive Protection experience across the Americas with the provision of VIP Protection & Travel Security Services for:

  • VIPs
  • Diplomats
  • HNWI’s
  • Corporate Executives
  • Business Travelers
  • Music Artists
  • Media and Broadcasting Teams
  • Field Engineering teams
  • NGO’s

Low Profile

A Security Agent or Executive Protection dressed differently to the principal or that carries an appearance of Security can often bring unwanted attention to the client. This can interpret to a criminal that the client has wealth or is of importance. This unwanted attention can increase the likelihood of becoming selected for a criminal attack such as mugging or kidnap.

At Black Mountain Solutions, we understand that in most Latin America environments, often the most suitable security approach is for the Executive Protection Agents to blend in with their client’s business activities by maintaining a low profile appearance.

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