Security Consultancy



Black Mountain Solutions understands the ever changing risks faced by individuals and corporations. As specialist providers in Latin America it is always fully apprised of the latest intelligence relating to local risk factors and utilises this knowledge to ensure that every engagement offers clients the optimum security solution.


By exclusively selecting individuals with security based backgrounds, either armed forces or law enforcement, Black Mountain is able to ensure that every employee has the not only the correct skills but the correct mindset to deliver the service required by its clients.

Corporations and individuals face varying degrees of risk and there is no uniform solution to mitigate exposure. Specialist knowledge, detailed consultation, constant communication and a collaborative approach to providing unique solutions is what sets Black Mountain apart from other security providers. Whether the engagement is to safeguard an individual or an entire corporation based on the risk analysis carried out by its experienced personnel Black Mountain will implement the optimum bespoke solution.


Objective risk analysis and the provision of confidential, impartial advice enables Black Mountain to interact with clients and offer a range of practical measures to address their security requirements ensuring the personal safety of individuals and organisations who utilise its services.

The experience and expertise offered by Black Mountain’s consultants provide organisations with the wherewithal to implement policies, procedures and strategies to protect both individuals and assets.