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Security Services Paraguay

Transnational criminal organizations facilitate the illicit trafficking of arms, narcotics, and other goods in Paraguay, particularly along Paraguay’s eastern border with Brazil, most prominently from Pedro Juan Caballero south to Ciudad del Este, including the Tri-Border Area of Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina. Coupled with the lack of sufficient police enforcement, the involvement of these organizations heightens violent crime in these areas. The U.S. Embassy in Asuncion requires U.S. government personnel and their family members to provide advance notice and a travel itinerary when traveling outside of the capital, particularly when traveling to Ciudad del Este, or to the departments of San Pedro, Concepcion, Amambay, and Canindeyu.

In addition, several high profile kidnappings targeting the Paraguayan business community and their families have occurred in the interior of the country, particularly in the department of Concepcion. Three of five victims currently being held were kidnapped in the past twelve months. The government of Paraguay alleges that members of the Paraguayan People’s Army (Ejercito del Pueblo Paraguayo, or EPP), a small, armed military criminal group operating in the departments of San Pedro and Concepcion, are the perpetrators. These kidnappings are financially motivated, and kidnappers have generally selected targets based on their wealth and perceived willingness to pay ransom.

U.S. citizens visiting or residing in Paraguay should also avoid large gatherings or events where crowds have congregated to demonstrate, protest, or cause damage as a byproduct of celebrating an event, such as after soccer matches.

Street crime is prevalent in the cities and the number of pick pockets and armed assaults is increasing. Robbers are more regularly using motorcycles to suddenly approach victims with a weapon and demand a wallet or purse, before quickly fleeing.