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Costa Rica has recently gained attention within the hemisphere due to its increasing homicide rate which according to government statistics has reached 630 (reported September 2023). This is an alarming increase considering that it has already surpassed the rate of 2022 (628) with still 3 months remaining to the end of the year. Hence it has become crucial to consider booking security services in Costa Rica.

Homicides rate in Costa Rica between the years 2011 & 2022

Government agencies believe homicide rates may reach 900+ by the end of 2023, which would equate to a 35-40% spike increase in comparison to the previous year settling Costa Rica as one of the most violent countries in the region.

Crime Statistics and Analysis

A massive key factor for the spike in homicide rates is the geographical location of Costa Rica, being a transit point for drug smuggling from Colombia to the U.S with both local and trans-national crime groups competing for the drug-trade. According to an article published by the Seminario Universidad, from the 652 homicides carried out in 2022:

  • There were 407 homicides resulting from feuds between rival gangs or criminal groups with grudges (professional hitmen)
  • A total of 113 murders occurred as a result of disputes or arguments.
  • Additionally, 55 homicides were linked to various other crimes like muggings.
  • Furthermore, 22 murders were attributed to incidents of domestic violence.

Rising Crime Trends

Petty crime is the most common risk faced by foreigners, and International travellers should adopt a sound security awareness and remain vigilant of their surroundings. International travellers can succumb to crimes such as fraud, robbery and theft.

Increased Muggings and Insecurity

News sources Prensa Latina reported 8,344 muggings in San Jose last year (2022), a significant 1,552 more than the previous year (2021). Another clear demonstration of the increasing security situation.

High-Risk Areas in San Jose

The following areas (outlined in red map below) within San Jose (Capital City) are deemed the most insecure due to crime:

  • La Catedral,
  • El Carmen,
  • Hospital,
  • Paseo Colón
  • La California.
  • Merced
  • Desamparados
  • Hatillo
  • Alajuelita
  • Guadalupe

Security Measures and Solutions

Often being in the wrong place at the wrong time could have an adverse impact on the safety of visitors or the local population. As with all large enterprises, the protection and safeguarding of their most critical asset “People” is paramount and in most cases their security functions adopt a robust Journey Management Plan for their executive and staff traveling to such regions.

Black Mountain can support such organizations and reduce risks faced to travellers with the use of a Security Trained Driver bearing the local knowledge of risks faced to international staff and by adopting security services & safety protocols established by Black Mountain Senior Management.

  • Black Mountain Expat Operations team & security driver in San Jose, Costa Rica training and quality assurance.

Enhanced Safety with Secure Transportation

BMS has experience providing protective services for international travelers in Liberia and other areas within the Guanacaste & Puntarenas Provinces. Within the Black Mountain team, we have bilingual drivers experienced and well versed in VIP & Executive driving services for HNWI’s, and C-suite executives. Our Bodyguard & Executive Protection teams are typically former Police (or serving) with experience working in tactical operation units such as the Comando Cobras or the elite Unidad Especial de Apoyo (Special Support Unit).

Secure Transportation & Security Services in Costa Rica

  • Security trained drivers
  • Executive Protection Agents (bodyguards)
  • Security Agents
  • SUV’s & Minivan’s
  • Transfers between Airport/Hotel

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