Security Services Honduras

Security Services Honduras

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Security Services Honduras

When vising Honduras, travellers are warned that there is a high degree of crime and violence across the country and you should exercise the upmost degree of caution throughout your stay.

Despite these high levels of crime, they are not usually aimed towards tourists so providing the right level of precaution is taken, trips to Honduras can be pleasant and trouble free. Tourists can enjoy the 12 national parks in the country, the three stunning Bay Islands and many other attractions.

Demonstrations can spontaneously occur in Honduras, often with little or no warning. For the most part these are peaceful however it does not take much for them to turn violent. You should avoid any large gatherings and monitor the local news to check which areas are safe to visit.

Petty crimes such as theft and pickpocketing are common in many cities and tourist areas including the popular Bay Islands. You should remain alert at all times, particularly at bus stations, tourist sites, on public transport and isolated beaches. Do not display signs of your wealth and keep any valuables safe in your hotel.

Honduras enjoys many bilateral relations, particularly with the United States. It sent soldiers to Iraq to help the U.S. and other fighting countries however they were withdrawn after a year. The gesture was mainly to try and improve relations between the countries.

Honduras has shaky relations with Nicaragua over a border dispute which is still waiting to be settled.

The country was one of the founding members of the United Nations and is further associated with organisations including the World Trade Organisation, Central American Parliament and International Criminal Court.

A combination of poor road conditions, truck traffic and general crime levels makes driving in Honduras extremely dangerous. When driving along rural or isolated roads, ensure that you have planned your route and remain on high alert to the roads and the threat of carjacking and armed robberies. The roads are poorly maintained, lit and marked. Alongside this, other hazards such as pedestrians in the road means that you should drive defensively and it is advised that you do not drive after dark.

The road between Tegucigalpa and Choluteca is particularly dangerous as its sharp, mountain curves causes issues for many drivers. You should exercise extreme caution when driving along this road. Be wary of stray animals on the roads too as this is a frequent occurrence. During Honduras’ wet season, flooding and landslides can cause bridges to collapse and damage infrastructure.

Public transport is not recommended as drivers can be erratic which frequently causes crashes. Crime such as robbery is also common on buses too, if you have to travel by bus ensure your valuables are left out of sight and keep your possessions close at all times.

Providing your visit is less than 3 months long, most national licences are accepted. It is recommended that you also purchase an international driving permit too. You should take out adequate insurance too in case of an accident.

Black Mountain Solutions has capability of providing experienced security teams within both principal cities San Pedro Sula, Tegucigalpa and their surrounding areas.