Suriname, as with any other country in Latin America should be considered as a travel destination carrying some degree of risk to international business travelers. Even though the crime rate is not considered as high as other countries in the region such as Colombia, Brazil or Venezuela, Black Mountain Solutions (BMS) recommends caution should still be exercised when visiting Paramaribo and other areas with Suriname. We provide dependable security services in Suriname to keep you safe.

Security Services in Suriname

Black Mountain Solutions offer the following comprehensive security services in Suriname;

Crime Rate in Suriname

Crime tends to occur more frequently after day light hours therefore its recommended moving around at night is kept to a minimum even more so if walking around on foot. Similar to its neighbor Guyana, police presence within the capital is minimal which significantly increases the risk of opportunistic crime. Street crime is often carried out with machete or firearms.

Infrastructure in Paramaribo is weak with emergency services and local authorities often situated far from suburbs and slow to respond. Armed robbery occurs on a regular basis and houses in remote areas are often attractive targets. Its recommended international travelers select hotels that are situated in the business district with access control and close-by emergency services and amenities.

Fatal road traffic accidents are a massive risk factor for organizations sending their staff to Paramaribo. Roads are often poorly illuminated, in poor conditions and lack adequate signage. Road users often speed and ignore road regulations. A common route that suffers fatal road traffic incidents is the route between the Johan Adolf International Airport (PBM) and Paramaribo (45 minutes journey).

Black Mountain Solutions (BMS) senior directors visiting Paramaribo 2022

Vetted & Professional Drivers at BMS

Whilst on visit to Paramaribo in Q1 of 2022 BMS senior EXPAT (ex UK Military based in Colombia) directors identified several local driver candidates. These drivers were vetted, tested, and trained in Journey Management Procedures. The drivers have since provided successful JM taskings for Black Mountain’s international clients visiting Paramaribo.

They are trained to ensure that you enjoy optimal security services in Suriname.

Black Mountain can provide the following services in Paramaribo:

  • Airport/Hotel transfers
  • Secure Transportation from A – B
  • Executive Protection Agents
  • English speaking drivers & agents
  • SUV’s & Drivers (trained in Journey Management Procedures)
  • Sedans, Minivans & buses

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