Security Services in Belize

There have been incidents of violent crime and physical assaults including armed robbery and rape targeted at tourists. Armed criminal gangs from Guatemala have been known to operate in the past around densely forested areas of Belize and close to some tourist sites. These incidents are now uncommon and the Belize Defence Force patrols these areas.

Security Measures and Tourist Safety

The majority of muggings are in Belize City, but crime occurs in all districts including tourist spots like San Pedro, Caye Caulker and Placencia. Avoid dark alleys, keep valuables out of sight and don’t wear jewellery. If possible travel in groups and use a qualified guide for trips off the beaten track.

Security services in Belize offer peace of mind to tourists and residents alike. With experienced personnel and vigilant measures, visitors can enjoy their stay without worrying about safety concerns.

Risks and Safety Precautions

In some areas of Belize City there is a risk of gang related violence. The areas around George Street and Kraal Road are particularly dangerous. Take carewalking in the city

Incident Reporting and Police Response

You should report all incidents of assault, robbery, theft or other crimes to the police. The police will take a statement and investigate the matter. This may take several weeks. You can pay a fee at any point during the process to receive a copy of the report when it is completed.

Adventure Sports Safety

There have been a number of injuries and fatalities resulting from adventure sports activities including snorkelling and diving. Severe weather and inadequate safety precautions are the main causes. Check local weather forecasts and only use registered and licensed operators.

Border Area Caution

Take particular care in the Belize/Guatemala border area because of the ongoing dispute between the two countries. Only use officially recognised border crossings.

Additional Security Information

You can find more information on local travel on the Belize Tourism Board’s website.

Political Demonstrations and Civil Disorder

Political demonstrations can occur in Belize City and Belmopan, often at short notice. Most are peaceful, although some have resulted in civil disorder.

Follow local media and avoid large gatherings of people or demonstrations.

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