VIP Transportation & Security Services in Bahamas

While the Bahamas has often been viewed as a safe haven with low crime rates, recent years have seen a concerning uptick in criminal activity. This escalation culminated in the U.S. State Department issuing a Level 2 travel advisory in January 2024. This decision came in response to a spike in violent incidents, including 18 reported murders over a short span of several weeks. Many of these killings have been attributed to a surge in gang-related violence.

Security Concerns for Travelers

The Advisory warned that the “Violent crime, such as burglaries, armed robberies, and sexual assaults, occur in both tourist and non-tourist areas”. At Black Mountain Solutions (BMS) we foresee the most significant risks to a traveler as being a victim of a crime whilst visiting areas on the island that are not recommended to visit, or areas with high crime, AKA wrong place, wrong time. To avoid these types of incidents we recommend travelers are chauffeured by a vetted trusted driver that understands the risks and threats to travelers on the island, the do’s & don’ts and no-go areas.

Our local team has extensive experience working with VIP travelers and on plentiful occasions have worked on the ground as part of a security team with U.S Security Agents (VIP Protection) visiting the island with high net worth clients.

Black Mountain also see’s another significant threat as burglaries or home invasions at private residences which can result in a number of unfavorable scenarios such as property damage & loss, emotional trauma and physical harm amongst others. At BMS we see it paramount that travelers staying in private residences ensure adequate access control is provided to the property complimented by some sort of surveillance or perimeter patrolling, such as the provision of security guards and monitoring.

VIP Security and Transportation Services in Bahamas

Black Mountain Solutions can provide the following services in Nassau & Bahamas:

  • VIP Security: Executive Protection & Security Agents with experience working on high profile events such as music concerts.
  • VIP Transportation: Local vetted drivers with experience working with Tourists, HNWI’s, VIP’s & Corporate C-suite Executives.
  • Luxury vehicle fleet including Suburban’s & Tahoe type vehicles.

Security services in Bahamas are crucial in addressing the recent uptick in criminal activity and ensuring the safety of residents and visitors alike. Additionally, for individuals and organizations requiring safe transportation in Bahamas, Secure Transportation in Bahamas offers a reliable solution. Our Executive Protection Services in Bahamas ensure the safety of high-profile individuals amidst the challenging security landscape.

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