The Provision Of ‘Security’ Is A Multi Faceted Process Which Requires The Precise Coordination Of Many Skills And Services. Black Mountain Recognises No Two Engagements Are The Same And Employs A Range Of Approaches According To The Client’s Individual Requirements To Guarantee Their Security.

Business Continuity:
Black Mountain Solutions will identify risks, threats and vulnerabilities that could impact operations following a crisis by ensuring that a framework is in place to allow the business to continue to function in adverse conditions.

Close Protection:
Black Mountain’s highly trained operatives ensure the safety of individual clients mitigating the risk of any unwanted intrusion including the threat of kidnap or assault.

Threat Assessments:
Threat analysis based on in depth regional knowledge enables Black Mountain to implement robust preventative measures.

Escorting Cargo & Assets:
Secure logistical solutions can be provided offering the end to end protection necessary for valuable cargo and assets.

Static Ground Security:
Property, plant and individuals in areas identified as high risk can be safeguarded by Black Mountain’s static guard services.

Force Protection and Physical Security Enhancements:
Black Mountain Solutions works with many clients to enhance existing ‘in house’ security arrangements by conducting comprehensive risk assessment reviews and making appropriate recommendations.

Corporate Liability and Risk Management:
Black Mountain is experienced in working with corporate clients to ensure that local operations comply with global organisational safety policies in accordance with corporate insurance requirements.

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